Woke Me Up, Just Hanging, Fireworks

early morning drive
 About one in the morning my mother woke me up, where I had fallen asleep on the couch, and made me go with her first expecting me to drive but I was way to tired for that, so I just went along. I don't think it was necessary to do, but I did it anyways. It didn't take that long though and I went to bed right afterwards, and didn't get back out of bed until after twelve. I had planned on convincing a friend of mine to come over and hang out for a little while since we had kind of planned on it earlier in the week, but I decided I'd much rather spend the day by myself.

playing new runescape
 I spent a lot of my day playing basically playing two games, runescape and clash of clans. I know I've talked about quoting runescape, but sometimes today I just had to do it. Plus I did blog a little earlier in the day but my computer was having some problems, when I noticed that it needed to have two big updates done to it that ended up taking over two hours. 
picture of updating my mac
 And then I took some photos with my cat, who was my hang out partner of the day. She did bite me once during that time, but otherwise she was great. That is until later in the night when someone near me decided to let off fireworks, they were so close to my house and so loud that I didn't blame her fr going under the bed to hide. 
Hanna Lei's cat
Overall I think I've had a pretty good day, even though I didn't do much at all. I've kind of had a thing on fridays where I just hang out the whole day since starting college, because lucky me I've yet to have a class on a friday. It's a great way to start the real weekend and give me a break from all the stress I put on myself. 

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