Vega Sport Energy Bar

chocolaté almond energy bar
 As you probably know, I've been trying to get in shape, and be healthy lately, and the main way I exercise is by running. I love going for a run either in the morning or at night but I have to say that I've noticed that I don't have all the energy that I'd like to when I'm running. When I found out about the Vega Sport bar I was happy to give it a try. It's different than your average energy bar. It's the only complete plant-based sport performance system specifically developed to help athletes perform at their best before during and after training and competition. The whole line includes many different products similar to things that were in my Bulu box
sports bar
 Here's what the bar looks like inside its package. It's pretty small at 50 grams. It has 230 calories and twelve bars per box. The fat is 14 grams, 22% of an average daily value. It's all saturated and no trans fat. There is no cholesterol. and very little sodium. There are carbohydrates 27 grams, 9% daily value which is great for a runner, and four grams of protein. 
vega sports bar
The taste of the vega sport bar in chocolate coconut almond. I wasn't expecting too much but  I was very happy with how much like chocolate it actually tasted. Plus there were real pieces of coconut and almond in the bar. After eating it I did feel like I had more energy but I only wish the bar were a little bigger because I wanted to keep eating more! 

This is all a part of Vega Sport #FuelYourBetter campaign so be sure to go to  to learn more about what you should be eating and what you shouldn't 

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