Three Days, One at School

joker set
 On Monday my mother was nice enough to go with me to the school my summer class was at so I could practice driving there, but more important than that get my parking pass. We thought it was going to be something she could help me with through a late lunch, but it ended up taking a whole lot longer than that. First I drove right to wear my building would be, and I saw parking there but we went to a visitor garage because they aren't kidding about towing. We got out and walked toward where we thought we were supposed to go but ended up having to get back into the car and going to another parking garage, and wandering around until someone helped us out. It turned out the office was actually in the garage so we headed back out there, and then waited in line. Luckily while there another student told me to fill out all this paperwork, and so I didn't have to get out of line and do it. Once it was my turn they made me leave and go to the admission office to print out my schedule to prove I'm enrolled. Since they can see it all on the system it was a huge waste of time, plus why else would I be paying to park there. 

By the time we came back it was almost dinner time, and about half way through that my friend called me, and asked if I wanted to go to her house and hang out with them. Even though I wasn't exactly feeling like it, we rarely do so I did, even driving myself. When I was there I saw that odd joker statue and took a picture. 
Nikita and Hanna
 Originally I had planned on taking another drive with my mother in the evening up to the school and eating at a place there, but her friend wanted to have us for dinner that night since my mother canceled on Saturday. Originally we had planned on eating outside (the food she made was fantastic by the way)  but it started raining as we sat down. After eating dinner, Nikita the cat sat in my lap and we took selfies. Unlike my used cast Cricket I'm not at all allergic to her. I had planned on driving the way back but the weather was terrible and we had the whole vehicle full of fabric.
parking at school
 Today, as I mentioned yesterday I had school, and was very nervous on the way there I did very well on my drive and was quite early to class, I had thought that I need to be to get the parking near the building because there was no way I wanted to walk from the garage through the rain. I'm glad I checked out the lot, even though the woman at the parking office told me if I was coming after eight it was no use, because there were at least thirty open spots. 
pair of canadian geese in yard
While I was sitting waiting for my class to start I found someone to talk to who was also going to be in my class. I had to get up and take a picture of these geese though when I saw them because they were so close to the window. The class, doesn't have the real teacher until next week and was very boring, and there was no break so I had to get up in the middle for a potty break. My drive back wasn't quite as great, I made a wrong turn but my GPS was there to save me. I planned on doing some homework when I came home but was way too tired for that. 

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