Studying for Math Summer School

Hanna Lei

Yesterday, I didn't blog, I did the day before though, when I went out to eat I did so that makes it not as bad I think. But, anyways, the reason I didn't blog is because I've spent all my time studying for a math test that I had to day. From when I got up on Tuesday to about 1:30 I was finishing up homework for this class as well as studying for the test. Then this morning, I woke up at seven and since I was tired  I decided I was going to sleep a few extra minutes, luckily my friend texted me about 7:40, and then I had to hurry and get ready to leave a little past eight. I of course made sure I had my homework that I finished with me as well as a drink to take. On the interstate there was a traffic slow down, a wreck but everything was on the shoulder and people were just going slow to check it out. I wouldn't have minded this except I really had to go to the bathroom.

Once at school I kept studying from 9-1 of course I was playing my phone games part of the time, but I think most of the time was spent studying. First thing when I was in the class we started the test. A few minutes in the teacher walked by someone's desk and told them that wasn't the correct square root of the answer she then continued to go around and critique people, and then wrote basically the whole answer to one of the test questions on the board. At the end of the test we also had to turn in two homework problems out of the about 100 I did and then the test was over. I'm hoping I did well on it, I mean I felt like I knew a lot of the stuff but who knows based on her grading. 

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