Shopping at Trader Joe's

cut flowers at trader joe's
Since I was on the north side of Indianapolis, shopping, we decided to stop in to Trader Joe's looking for something specific that we didn't end up finding. I had thought that it was my first time going in there, but now that I think about it I think I remember going into Trader Joe's a few years ago... Anyway right outside of the building is a whole bunch of different live plants, I don't really remember what they were, except for some herbs.  Walking in though I did take two pictures of all the fresh cut flowers that they had. For such a small store I was surprised at all the variety. On the right side you can also see how their signs are, all written out on chalk. 
Trader Joe's goat cheeses and rasin cracker
Then there was one of those sample people, and so I got a raisin cracker thing with coat cheese on top. I wasn't the biggest fan, but other people around me seemed to be. The goat cheese was too sweet and not salty enough for me. I also noticed a whole bunch of artwork on the walls but because the store was very crowded I couldn't manage to get a good picture of any of it.
what trader joe's looks like on the inside
Next we went by the produce section where you can either by fruit by the pound or by the individual piece. There was a whole lot of organic things there. There were baked goods that looked nice and more packaged things than I was expecting. Frozen dinners and meats  as well as a whole section of paper goods that were chemical free (bleach). Then we came to the alcohol section and looking around they had a lot of low priced interesting wines and beers. Last at the checkout instead of the normal candy and gum there were PB & J milk chocolate bars and all naturally flavored jelly beans. 
what I bought at trader joe's
So here's what I ended up with. A banana to eat so that I had a snack before the rest of our shopping, pita bread some wine and tropical carrot juice. And that's all for my inside look at Trader Joe's

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