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I'm the type of girl that loves changing up my hair. If I could have it a different color, length and style every day, that's what I'd do. Since that isn't an option, due to the fact that it'd not only be expensive and take a whole lot of time out of my day, but I don't think my hair (or really anyone's for that matter) could take more than a week of all that change before it'd completely gone. So when I was contacted by the people over at, I went to look at everything they had, and ended up being super excited by all the things that they had and made a whole wish list, but first let me start by telling you a little about the company. is a global retailer that delivers their products directly to many countries across the world with free shipping. Annual sales well over $2 million so you know that you aren't the only one checking out this shop. There are all kinds of wigs, both human and synthetic, and a whole lot of styles. I saw trendy odd colored ones, celebrity inspired styles, and both long and short cuts. There are also a whole lot of hair extensions (all of the different types) at their shop as well.

 So here's the first product that I saw that I really wanted to have, and that's the 20 inch wavy human hair extensions. This is Indian Remy hair, which in case you don't know what that is, is a specific type of cut to the hair where the cuticles are kept intact so that it looks very natural. I picked this one because for one, its clip in (meaning someone inexperienced like me won't have any trouble) and because comes in almost any color you an think of. 

 My absolute favorite wig, at least of the ones I saw because you literally could spend a whole day browsing their site is the long wavy purple wig. I've been seriously considering dying my hair purple and a wig like this is the perfect way to try it out, especially since its only $51.  Its not just the color though, because I love  the big curls and long length this wig has. 

There's a specific section of Wigbuys that offers wigs specifically for those with traditionally African hair. Since this is an area that often ignored I was happy to see that there were so many wigs catering to it. This beautiful wig (my favorite out of that section) is the Long Afro Curly Capless Wig and runs about $52. 

I could go on and on sharing pictures of wigs from their site, but has so much to offer that we'd be here all day. They have custom sizing for free, as well as free shipping which is surprisingly fast. If you want to learn more they even have a whole section of their site dedicated to information about wigs, how to care for them, which is the best for you ect. 

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