Review: Personal Care Oatmeal Lotion

personal care oatmeal lotion
This is actually the second Personal Care Lotion review that I've done recently the first being their terribly named Lubricating Lotion and long long ago another similar product the Personal Care Coco butter lotion . I guess that makes it perfect timing for me to do the 24 Hour Moisturizing Oatmeal Daily Lotion that has natural colloidal oatmeal that protects and relieves dry skin all while being fragrance free.  This Oatmeal dollar store lotion is supposed to compare to Aveeno so we'll see how that goes. 

Starting with the packaging, this does look like a store brand cheap kind of product but that's what it is so that isn't necessary bad. It clearly states what it does, with easy to read font and colors. I do like that the lid is a squeeze top instead of the kind that you have to sort of pour out. It does as if though it won't last too long since it is a little flimsy.

To my surprise the Oatmeal Lotion by personal care does actually smell a little like oatmeal. Although it is an opaque white and looks very thick, it is quite runny. Going on, it seems to rub in well but it leaves my skin so moist that it's a little awkward. After that dries up my skin is softer and it does a good job with elbows. 

If you can get over the weird wet feeling that this lotion gives then Personal Care Oatmeal lotion is a winner for sure. It's cheap, and has a pleasant oatmeal smell and moisturized even my drier skin without any gross leftover residue. 

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