Review: Nourish Mineralizing Shampoo

Mineralizing Shampoo green
Perviously I've reviewed Disney Resorts H2O and I know that doing reviews over these kind of products, hotel products that is,  isn't done very often but since you can actually buy the majority of these personal care products, full sized online now, I decided I might as well review the Nourish Mineralizing Shampoo with green tea from a spa line. It's actually not what I'd expect from a hotel shampoo. 

Starting with the packaging. I don't mind it, the shampoo isn't nearly as green in person, it actually is about the color of green tea, so it's easy to see the wording although I wish there was a little more product information. The cap is one of those annoying screw tops where you then have to dump the contents of the bottle into your hand hoping you don't get too much but that isn't uncommon for a cheap bottle. 

The Nourish Mineralizing Shampoo smells like green tea, and it's almost as nice smelling at the Pomegranate Green Tea Shampoo. It does take a lot of shampoo to get a good  hair wash after three days no washing, and doesn't foam the best but it does rinse out well and leave my hair with a very clean feeling. 

Overall I really like this shampoo. It smells good, and although I hate the bottle design it isn't ugly. Plus it does what really matters clean my hair. So I do recommend the Nourish Mineralizing Shampoo. 

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