Review: Nourish Hydrating Conditioner

nourish hydrating conditioner
After trying out and reviewing Nourish Mineralizing Shampoo and liking it pretty well I'm doing a review of it's sister product the Nourish spa line hydrating conditioner also with green tea. Even though this is a hotel product it can be bought online in a full sized version. This one you probably won't want to though, or at least I wouldn't. 

Starting with the bottle I like how it looks a lot I love that there is the dark green lettering and then underneath the clear bottle is the light green conditioner.  I do wish though that it had a different cap because just unscrewing it and expecting the product to flow out didn't work all that well. 

The packaging is about where the good ends about the Nourish Hydrating conditioner. Although I liked the green tea smell in the Pomegranate Green Tea Shampoo  it is way too strong in this conditioner. I also had to use a lot of it to get my hair smooth, and a few hours after I was out of the shower it looked like I hadn't even conditioned my hair.

Overall I'm not a big fan of the Nourish Hydrating Conditioner. Sure it looks cute, but the smell is way too strong, you have to use a lot of product and it doesn't work all that well. 

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