Review: Lippy Girl Extra Virgin Vegan Lip Gloss

 You might know that I've gotten a few things from the peta2 street team before, and Lippy Girl Extra Virgin Vegan lip gloss is one of those things. When I saw it I knew I had to get it because as you know, I've kind of gotten into vegan cooking, and so the next step up is to veganize my beauty products, and after looking around at the Lippy Girl I saw that this Extra Virgin is not only vegan but also organic. 

Starting with the packaging, I think it is adorable. Lippy Girl has that whole retro vibe going on that benefit has with the woman on the front. Everything on the front is very easy to read I just wish the ingredients list on the back were a little bigger. I like that the size is small enough I can take it anywhere and I love the pink cap. It screws off and underneath is a formed dispenser making it easier to apply the lip gloss. 
When I applied the Libby Girl Extra Virgin Vegan Lip Gloss, I was expecting a synthetic or vegetable oil smell. I was pleasantly surprised by it's citrus smell. It goes on rather thick, and is slightly yellow in color but this doesn't show up on the lips, and it isn't sticky at all. After wearing it, I was surprised at exactly how moisturizing it is, probably the shea butter,  carnauba wax,  and essential oils doing it. The only bad thing I can say is that it doesn't last all that long, 2 hours tops. 

Overall I really like the Lippy Girl Extra Virgin Vegan Lip Gloss. I love that it's vegan and organic, and like the cute package that it comes in. It smells great as well as moisturizing my lips but it doesn't last very long. 

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