Review: Infusium 23 Shampoo

Infusium with i-23 Complex
A long time ago I did a review of Infusium 23 Leave in Conditioner and although I did have a few complaints about it, overall I liked it so when I was at the store and saw this Infusium shampoo with i-23 complex, I needed a new shampoo and figured that this one would be worth trying. 

The bottle is a blue grey with green accents, Repair and Renew as well as a woman's hair. Other words are in black like that this is a shampoo and an Infusium 23 one at that. It isn't too busy. The cap design is the kind that you pop open and squeeze out. Very common for shampoos. 

The Infusium 23 shampoo lathers so well, and I found myself using almost none of it even with my long hair. The only thing I didn't like is how it smells, it just isn't appealing. I prefer something fruity like Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Shampoo. The shampoo does rinse out well and not tangle my hair. It isn't a moisture shampoo though and did leave my hair a little dry. 

Overall I really like this shampoo. Even if it doesn't smell good it lathers very well with only a little bit of product and rinses out just as easily. The only problem with the Infusium 23 shampoo is that it is a little drying so it isn't great for dry hair, but on the other hand it'd be perfect for hair that goes days without being washed. 

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