Review: Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner

dove conditioner sample
I already reviewed the Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo so I think it's about time that I talk about the other Oxygen Moisture product from Dove that came with it the conditioner. I was given both as a sample to try out, and because I like them I figure I should share them here, even though that wasn't a requirement. I'm just hear to spread the love for Oxygen Moisture conditioner to all of you with fine flat hair. 

Starting with the packaging. It's the exact same as the shampoo, except it says conditioner instead of shampoo. Although I do like the colors and font they used I wish they had more about what this shampoo is supposed to do. If you do research it says it adds volume to hair but from the bottle you'd never know that. 

The smell of the Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner is very clean, and will work for either a male or female. It is a thinner conditioner, similar I think to the Tresemme Moisture Conditioner. It didn't completely detangle my hair and I had to work with it a little bit but it did moisturize very well and rinse out easily. 

Overall I like the Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner. It smells good, moisturizes my hair and isn't heavy. I just don't get the whole added moisture thing. Isn't that kind of unnecessary since I'm already all around oxygen? 

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