Review: Degree Men Invisible Cool Rush Deodorant

I told you about in my Old Spice Swagger Anti-persperant review  that I was advised to use a men's deodorant or antiperspirant since I always complain about how women's deodorants aren't strong enough for my sweaty self. So here's the second one I'm going to try the Men Degree invisible stick in what I assume is a cool rush scent. This is both an antiperspirant and a deodorant. Although there is a degree women's line I've never tried one of their products. 

This is clearly a men's deodorant. It says so right on the bottle. If you had any doubt though the blue bottle (although it does have sparkles) and masculine check mark will set you straight. It is a pleasing to the eye design, and I have to say I'm really feeling the bottom. Most deodorants see secret clinical strength   have a twist at the bottle of their bottle but this degree deodorant lets you twist the whole base to get more product which is a lot easier to do. 

Degree Men Invisible Cool Rush Antiperspirant really does smell like a man's deodorant. It isn't too strong though, so more than likely you'll be the only one to notice it's minty fresh, with a little bit of soap mixed in smell. It goes on clear, and smooth and doesn't leave any residue on my skin.

I have to admit, this is so far my favorite men's deodorant to use as a female. It smells good, but not to masculine over powering kind of smell, the bottle design is great and the packaging isn't too bad either. Of course the best part is that it lasts all day even when I work out. 

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