Review: Bodycology Charmed Apple Body Cream

body cream from bodycology
So I've had this sample of Charmed Apple Body cream from Bodycology sitting around my house for what seems like forever. I kept telling myself it'd get a review, or I'd at least try it but for whatever reason that's just now happening. I wasn't exactly sure where Bodycology came from, which might have been part of it, but I saw them at Walmart so I guess I know now. 

Starting with the packaging, this won't take long since I can only go off the artwork, I think it looks kind of cool. I love the focus of one apple on the try with others in the background and the angle is just interesting.  I like that the font is easy to read, and it's big enough I don't have to squint. Most interesting though is that it has shea butter and vitamin E.

This lotion is a pure white with a thick consistency. Not as thick as the Nivea Tin Cream but way too thick to use on the face. The smell does remind me of apples, but I can't say that I'm a huge fan. It's more of a synthetic thing than something like Bath and Body Works Country Apple smell. The lotion does absorb into my skin well but it does leave some residue. 

Overall I can't say that I would buy this lotion. Sure it absorbs into my skin but it leaves a weird residue and doesn't smell all that great. Instead of Bodycology Charmed Apple Body Cream I'd recommend Philosophy Hope in a Jar. 

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