Review: Avon Imari Seduction Lotion

seduction perfumed skin softener
This is the Imari Seduction perfumed lotion by Avon, or as they like to call it a perfumed skin softener. Although I do love a lot of Avon products, I can't say that I've ever tried one of their perfumed lotions, or would have even thought to buy one on my own, this one was actually a gift from my grandmother. It ended up surprising me though, like a lot of other Avon products do, like the Strawberry Avon Speed Dry Nail Polish, so I decided I could give a review of it. 

Starting with the packaging, it comes in a purple hard plastic container with a grey lid that clearly states the lotion name, Imari seduction on it. To open you simply twist off the lid, and the product is right there. Perfect for getting out as much as you need all at one time. The smell is very strong, this is a perfume after all, and as a pleasant orchid and vanilla smell. I found it lasts a good four to five hours.

Applying the Imari Seduction perfumed lotion it has a very thick consistency. Almost as thick as the Nivea Creme Lotion, but it isn't nearly as greasy. Actually after applying the Imari seduction to my skin it not only completely moisturized my driest skin (elbows!) but it did so without any greasy feeling, weird shininess or worst of all residue. 

Overall I really like the Imari Seduction "perfumed skin softener". It moisturizes my skin very well without any of the normal drawbacks for heavier lotions and leaves it feeling soft all day. With this perfumed lotion, you won't need a traditional spray perfume, because it lasts all day, and smells pleasant enough to wear anywhere. 

So the verdict is 

Scent: 4/5 Packaging: 5/5 Moisturizing 5/5

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