Planting Pink Passion Caladium Bulbs

package of pink passion Caladium
 A few days ago my mother found these Caladium bulbs 75% off and had to get them (just like that Essie Cashmere Bathrobe nail polish I got). They're in a pink passion color which isn't exactly my favorite, I prefer a little more green but we thought that they'd be pretty right off the front porch. 
bulbs planting
 First we started with a pot we already had. Then dumped half the dirt out and added new garden dirt that has a very odd texture. Then we put all five bulbs in one pot, we're betting that the majority won't come up. Of course when planting bulbs you make sure they're top up and these were supposed to two inches down. After putting them in we put the sawdust that came in the package on top of them we added the dirt. Then I went to go get water and noticed that there was a pot full of water so I used that to water the bulbs. See I'm trying to be green.  And below is the picture of what it looks like all planted, just a pot with dirt for now. 
caladium in the dirt

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