My Bad Memorial Day

math class work
 My memorial day started out with me studying math stuff. Actually more like doing the homework for the class than studying. Out of 84 problems that she has us do before each test (tests are every week) she only grades two of them. It doesn't really seem worth the effort, but since the class is so short I feel like I have to do anything possible to get a  good grade. Then at about two we went to a park to have "lunch" with my family. Not a park like Tippecanoe Battlefield or something like that, you'd expect on memorial day, but just some random park near where we live. To start with I was really mad about this it's about half an hour extra out of the way (for everyone) but since my grandparents really wanted it we went.  Being as they are, they couldn't bother to sit at a picnic table because there were too many people, and they didn't want to have to sit near anyone. So we sat barely in the park in-between a main road and a park road, which was pretty loud.
park by the road
 For awhile I thought under the tree wasn't so bad, even though it was about 90 F we were in the shade and there was a breeze. Until I got one of seed things from the tree we were sitting under literally in my eye thanks to that "nice" breeze. It took me a good five minutes to get it out too.
something in eye
 Right after I finished eating my lunch, some terrible sandwich thing that was completely dry, but still better than the egg salad sandwich my mother and father had made for themselves, I lucked out and though and an ice cream truck came around so I got some sort of lemon thing that makes me think of the Perlier Lemon Sorbet Ice Body Water. While I was waiting in line though with my mother to get ice cream for everyone about 5 children cut in line in front of us. We ended up getting it though. I couldn't believe the "spoon" they gave me it's more like a wooden stick than anything else. 
spoon icecream trucks give
 When I came back there was a silly squirrel very close to our sitting area. We tried giving him bread but he seemed more interested in what we were doing than eating anything. He ended up climbing the tree about a foot from my aunt and just laying in it.
very close squirrel

math answer book
When I came home I went back to work on my math homework, this time outside though because it was nice enough in my backyard to sit at a table. I have to say and I'm sure you can't tell by my title I wasn't that big of a fan of my memorial day, I was bitten by bugs, got something in my eye and had to have my plate in my lap. Maybe it wasn't so bad, and I'm either a complainer or just have gotten spoiled having it at my grandparents house. 

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