Modest Nazi AKA Rude 12 Year Old Girl

comment on Pinterest
You might know that I have a Pinterest, it is in my sidebar but if you didn't notice that, then hi I have a Pinterest. I tend to post pictures of my outfits and beauty reviews, and some are quite popular. I had one from my Summer Look with Fashion and Happy Things that has a long pair of shorts as well as a tank top with wide straps. Since the shorts are so long and the top is high I labeled it as Modest Summer outfit when I pinned it to Pinterest. I think a few people must have agreed with me since it had twenty one repins and two likes. 

Then last night a girl named Talyor Skinner decided to post " Its not modest its got her shoulders showing!!!!!!!!!!! Put a shirt on" To which I replied that it was modest since I'm not a fundamentalist. And to tell the truth if it was showing even more of my shoulders why wouldn't it be modest. Isn't the point not to show boobs or butt (and of course no vagina). What's so sexual about some shoulders or really upper arms since you can't see my shoulders. 

Of course after I responded to her she sent some smart comment back and I decided to go look at her profile. Turns out she's some 10-12 girl who just wears t-shirts and weird looking pants. I still can't believe though that someone, especially her age is so rude to comment on someone else's picture. Who are you parents Taylor and did they teach you any manners. Isn't modesty supposed to go to your speech as well since you're so OMG modest. 

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