Maybe I Should Do That Instagram Thing

very close up mad face
This morning, for the second morning in a row I really didn't want to get up. I kept reseting my alarm for fifteen minutes, and ended up just throwing on a pair of comfy jeans and my batwing t-shirt. I was wanting to do a little studying before my ride arrived but course that didn't happen. I did manage to get all my stuff together though. The ride wasn't anything special today, but the parking lot was very full, up until now it has been half empty but I think now if I came when I had to, I'd end up in a garage somewhere. Once I got to my normal study area, all of the tables were taken too, when they're normally all empty. I just studied and studied, looking over the homework and a few questions she told us we should study. As much effort as I put into it, I wish I would have done a lot more because that test totally beat me. I haven't seen the grade yet, but it could be really bad. 

Afterwards, it was raining and of course my ride thought it was a great idea to walk as slow as possible.  We went to Wendy's to eat and then I came home, and tried to watch a television show. I should have just taken a nap because I was completely zoned out the whole time. Right before it was time to work on dinner my ride sent me a direct Instagram of this picture I took on his phone. There were a few others but I guess that was the favorite. He's been trying to convince me to take my Instagram off of private and post some more pictures. I'm not sure I would get much use out of it though because I'm afraid I'd just be double posting since almost every picture I take ends up here. After dinner, simple wraps I had to go off to a fabric store with my mom right when it was closing rushing in. 

So tomorrow is the start of my weekend since I don't go to school on Friday and that means I need to go ahead and make that list. I'm not sure I know yet what to put on it. 

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