Making Ultimate Chippers Cookies

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 When I was at my grandmother's house she gave me this baking kit that she had come up with herself after I commented on how good the cookies were that she had made. The recipe seemed really simple, which is a good thing for me, even though I've had a lot of practice making cookies like the Little Sugar Breads and peanut butter cookies
cookies ultimate chippers
 The first step was adding in half a cup (full stick) of butter that was already soft. I had the majority of that sitting out, but had to add an extra bit from the refrigerator which was the hard part. After having that in the mixer for about a minute, I added in 2 teaspoons of vanilla, even though the recipe only called for 1.5 because a little flavor is alway better in my opinion. Then in went the egg, and after that was mixed the result was quite ugly so I decided to just put in the cookie mix without taking a picture of it. When it's all mixed up it is very wet and kind of gross to work with your hands so you might want to get a spoon to make the dough balls. You're supposed to bake the cookies between 10-12 minutes, and I always go with the least amount of time because hard cookies aren't exactly my thing. They ended up fine, not sticking to the pan at all, but it was a little weird how they flattened out so much. 
cookies ultimate chippers
After letting them cool and my family and I testing them out I have to say they're as good as the cookies that my grandmother made, so I did a good job with this recipe. I just wish they ended up looking as nice as hers did because as you can see by the picture of my Ultimate Chippers Cookies they're quite deformed. 

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