Looking for Lightbulbs at Menards

light area at menards
So today even though it was my birthday  I was forced to go to Menards after dinner to look at some light bulbs that we need to get for the master bathroom. I thought this would be a quick in and out thing but of course it wasn't and I was stuck for quite awhile while they decided what to get. You know there are different light bulbs from bright white to day light and some look warmer or cooler than others. 

The first thing I noticed was this huge light that was bigger than my hand (as you can see I'm still sort of rocking the Cashmere Bathrobe by Essie. Apparently that was too big for what we needed. While I was observing other lightbulbs I happened to see this dumb video playing, similar to an infomercial about what kind of light you should use for this or that. 

The light switches were my next form of entertainment. I made sure to flip them all in the same direction before leaving. By this time I was really bored so I wandered a little and saw these very cheap tumblers. Down at the very end of the store I went and saw this weird tube with copper in it. I tried to lift it up and I could barely do it, it was so heavy. 

Last as we were leaving I saw these lightbulbs and realized that I wanted one of those for my rice paper lamp instead. They're "party lights" I would love a pink but since they didn't have that I'd be happy with a purple. 

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