Life Photos: Where did this cat picture come from?

photos of adult cats
I've talked about this a lot before, how I like to upload all of my pictures to my blog, or at least get them on Google Plus and then delete the copies on my phone. Somehow though this old one ended up  on my phone probably some iPhone glitch because it says the picture is from February 2013 and I know any picture that old would have been long gone. To tell the truth though I can't remember exactly where I saw this cat.

Below that is a selfie I tried to take with my used cat cricket. Of course she's not even looking at the camera and is adorable while I look like an awkward twelve year old and I'm trying to look nice. Maybe it's the facial expression I'm making.

Then there is mo the cat who is always wanting someone to pet her. I feel bad when I don't have time to because she meows and walks a little funny on her way over making it seems like some big effort. Her larger sister Jo the cat is just as friendly but prefers to sit in your lap. There's a picture of her laying in the yard by a stone path and at the very top her surprised look when I woke her up from a nap in another part of the yard. The last photo is one that was in my post about discount grocery stores, working on my chest and gardening but I didn't think reusing it was a big deal. 

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