Life Photos: Vegan Soup Buying, Outfit, "Desk", Plant

If you remember I planted Pink Passion Caladium bulbs, and I didn't expect very many of them to come up. Luckily I was wrong though because we have four good ones, which means some of these guys will have to be transferred to a new home. Somehow mushrooms are also growing in there. 

Then there is guide for vegan alternatives that I used when making my cheddar cheese vegan broccoli soup  that was a huge help. Some how in the store I got this weird itchy spot and I'm still not sure what happened. One of my alternatives was coconut instead of butter, and I had to take a picture because the top of it looked so weird. I mean it seems like it's all dried out, but then you scoop some out and it's very oily. 

Above that is an old UGG boots box that I was using as a makeshift desk that way I could write while sitting on my bed. I'm starting to think I need some sort of desk in my bedroom if I'm going to be too lazy to go to the office. Actually sitting in the office might make me more productive because I'll feel like it's a real job. 

Last is a random picture I took of my outfit, featuring my blue and white sailor shirt, and I have to say it isn't a great picture. Since the bathroom is getting remodeled and the mirror was just sitting there I figured I'd give it a shot.

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