Life Photos: Ugly My Face, Cave Shed, Floor

ugly face of mine shed and such
I can't believe how many bad pictures I take of my face. Now that I think about it I'm starting to think that maybe it isn't my trouble with taking pictures but actually a problem with my face. The first four pictures are just that. The first is a really old one, I had to delete the photo next to it because it contained someone I'm not a big fan of, I remember what this was after but I'm not going to link it. 

Then the next must have just been something I took on my mom's phone to check myself out. After that the photos are of when I was playing with my cousin's kid  during when I visited my grandmother in the hospital

After that is a picture of the woodland Cottage at Mammoth Cave. To tell the truth it's actually more like a shed thing with running water and it was freezing even in the summer. Pretty sure I'm the only one who actually liked it.  Last is the floor at a store we were looking at for the master bathroom. The project still isn't done but I can tell you I'll be happy when it is. 

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