Life Photos: Two Feet Things

high heel feet
The first photo, with my terribly painted toe nails is of me on the scale, and I can say that it was one of my wakeup calls for getting in shape the other one was of course the fact that I didn't fit in my clothes anymore. I didn't think my toes were too gross in this photo so I kept this photo of my feet. 

Next is the father's day card that we gave to my grandfather. It looks nice on the front saying all these good things, and then you open it and it's just a monkey. The photo next to that is just some weird thing that I took. Then that's my lamp that had a bug in it at three in the morning when I was trying to sleep. One of those moth things so it kept hitting the light until it killed itself. 

Above that is my other foot photo, the Dr Scholes high heel inserts that I was given. I think I might need them if I ever stop being lazy with my outfits. Last there is a bruise on my neck I can't believe that I got. And that's all I can say about that. 

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