Life Photos: Pumpkin by a Tree with Mums

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So I realized that I needed to clean all my photos out of my mother's phone, and that means about ten life photo posts with those photos. Before I did this there were 1400 photos on there and although there are still over 1000 I'm hoping it helps her battery life.  First is a picture from the fall of a tree that we have with mums around it and a pumpkin. Below that is a food photo since I'm too lazy to separate these things out of food that I wasn't all that fond of. 

Then there is a halloween paper piecing I guess wall hanging that I made. I'm not the biggest sewing fan so doing this much was pretty hard. There is a field next that I have no idea where it was taken and then a sign that is to an old church in southern Indiana.  Last is a bloom on one of the indoor citrus plants that we having growing in our house. We ended up getting a few lemons and limes from it. 

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