Life Photos: Not My School, Visiting a Sister

my life in pictures
My school this summer, at the campus where I have been going anyways, is over now. It's been super tiring and I figured a good way to celebrate it's end is to clear out my phone photos of it. The first one is a selfie I took in the mirror wearing a rain jacket and of course my flag shoes from my Americana outfit . I know it's nothing special but at least I'm wearing jeans instead of yoga pants. I feel like I should get a few points for that. 

Below that is my studying place. At a desk with my papers out and a purple water bottle beside me. I decided to take it the last few days of class because I really do need to start drinking a little more water.  

The next two pictures are of the wires in the master bathroom. The lights are getting changed and we were looking for ones big enough to cover the old wiring. In the end we did something else though you can see the remains of my Essie Cashmere Bathrobe nail polish

The last two photos are from my friend remember the one that drove me to school, well we went to his sister's house since she lives really close by. At first I thought it would be really awkward but it was okay. She had one of the Harry Potter Movies playing and she wasn't at all like I expected, in a good way. I think this counts towards those experiences I need to have even if it isn't a big deal. 

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