Life Photos: My Phone Mostly PETA2

It seems like lately I've been using my phone to take pictures more often, just basing that off the fact that I've been doing more of these photo dumps my first photo is of when I used two dots, remember my two dots app review? I haven't been playing it much lately since I've been too busy with both my blog and instagram stuff. Games are way too much of a distraction to me. 

Below that is the main part of my phone, an accidental screen shot. As you can see my phone is surprisingly organized. Next to that is the official peta2 instagram that I'm following. They have cute pictures, but whoever is running it isn't very good about connecting with followers. 

Of course I have to talk about the new Peta2 app. It makes it easy to do those fun tasks for street team points, that's what the top picture is, a mission, and then you can get cool stuff like that veggie burger t-shirt I have.  Last is an accidental shot of my instagram notifications. Some really nice person gave me a random shot out awhile back :)

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