Life Photos: My Face, Cricket, Oil Painting

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So I know that I normally put the face photos in one big group that way you don't get too tired of them, but I'm sorry you're just going to have to deal with it. I don't think that it's too bad though because I also have some other pictures with it. If you remember the whole reason that it's even this way is because I'm cleaning out my mother's phone. 

Three of these photos of me were supposed to be super cute me with curly hair and they just turned out okay. I don't think that they are particularly bad, just nothing specially. The little curls thing doesn't really work for me it just kind of makes my hair look frizzy, but I do like the bow print dress I'm wearing.

There is also a sleepy picture of me that I'm not sure why I took but I guess it sort of goes with the one of my cat sleeping on the dog's bed, of course also with the dog's  toy. She really is quite odd, but what can I expect from a used cat

Last is a picture of the oil painting I made at class . I think it turned out pretty well but I had to throw it away because my cat decided to step all over it before it was dry. Luckily the paint she had on her paws managed to wipe off the dinning room table. 

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