Life Photos: Mostly Bathroom Reno Ideas

bathroom ideas
My mother and father have been starting on their bathroom renovations. They already have the cabinets and the floor tile, but are still trying to decide on the tile for the shower. The first photo is what I think they should do. Tiny accent tiles and then floor tiles as well. The only problem is that those floor tiles are quite expensive per square foot.

When we went to another store, we had on our list looking for fans for the bathroom, and had started with the small square ones, but also saw this one that has lights which I like a whole lot better. The contractor wasn't a big fan of this kind but I don't think that matters.

Next is a random picture that I took of three monkeys that my mother had sitting on her desk at work, and decided to take home. They are cute but one of them is a little damaged. 

The last on the row is tile that we are looking at for the bottom of the shower. I personally didn't have any of these as my favorite, but because I didn't like them but because they don't really go with the floor tile we already have picked out. 

Above that is an example of how we're going to have the step in look. It obviously isn't going to be that color or anything, it'll match the floor but now that I think about it I wonder if it should match the shower instead. 

Last is a photo from my active babysitting  when I was trying to park in the street. I'm absolutely terrible at it, especially when I have to get in a smaller spot because at home I just go into my drive way. 

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