Life Photos: Iphone Sized Bend in Pipe

animals and plants
What seems like forever ago when I showed that Chicago Hyatt Hotel Room we were there for something to do with my mother's work. I was only brought along because I planned on (still am) on being an engineer so she thought it would be a good learning experience.  While we were there we saw this bent pipe which is apparently very hard to do. 

Elizabeth the African Grey sitting on the counter reading the advertisements. Actually she's probably just trying to tear up the paper since that's what she normally does. Next to here is a real animal a tiger that I saw on my visit to Michigan City's Washington Park Zoo

Then there is a cacti that was blooming in my front yard. It has beautiful flowers. Then an egg that I drew on to mark it had been boiled. I decided on a man with mean eyebrows and facial hair. Last is a fruit tree that was blooming in my yard. 

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