Life Photos: I hope this is all the 171 I need

what I had for 171
Finally I think the 171 class that I'm taking at a collage affiliated with mine this summer is done. I've worked really hard in the class, about 100 homework problems every week as well as a test and it seems like I've done well enough to not have to take the final so that means classes are ending a week early!

I have to say that this last week was especially stressful and the homework almost didn't get done. Some of the above pictures are actually of other people's homework that I took so that I could check mine since the last part of the class, linear algebra didn't offer any sort of answer key.  I'm glad that some of the random people I asked were nice enough to help me out. Until I get my grades back though I don't think I'll be throwing out the pages and pages of work I have. 

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