Life Photos: Half Flora Half Fauna

half animals half plants
If you're thinking that my titles are bad, don't worry they're only going to get worse from here. Starting out the big picture is of my dog checkers. She is adorable in this picture, and actually is in most of her pictures not to mention very cute acting but I especially like this photo because she had just been to the groomer so her fur is nice looking. Below that is a chipmunk that we caught in a cage  we had to do this with a few of them. After we got them in the cage we'd release them a few miles away to make sure they wouldn't return since they can cause serious structural damage to a house. I had to take a picture of his one though because it's so cute. I love the fluffy tail. 

Then there is a photo of me with white blonde hair. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it. The more I look at it I think it could be a good look for me if I wasn't making such a funny face to go with it. I just wish my eyes were a little lighter. If they were I could so pull of a white haired look. Anyway this was coloring thanks to John Frieda Foam Color

Flowers are next. First some yellow ones in the woods, and then purple ones that were also in the woods. Last there are some more woods photos of white tiny flowers. 

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