Life Photos: Chicks, Soap, Containers, Math Notes

note cards for math
The first photo is of the baby chickens I talked about seeing on my walk, I decided not to post this photo in the main blog post because I had a better one of one of the chick's face. This is where they're keeping them during the day until they get a little big so they can stand up to the other bigger hen.

Below that is math note cards that I made a little while back. The class may be the death of me and fingers crossed I pass it. The other pictures from school are the power aid wrapper that I accidentally took a picture of it's my drink every day at school. Above it the hand soap is my favorite thing from school, if you remember I did a post about my shower routine including suds and this soap has so many. I love washing my hands in their bathroom. 

On the middle bottom is the cookie pan I had to clean, along with a whole bunch of other things that got dirty when I made the Ultimate Chipper Cookies. I think the cleaning took as much of my time as the baking but the cookies were good so it was worth it.

The top photo, not the big one of course is of a package that I got in the mail. I absolutely love getting things, but if it's not something I'm expecting I'm always very paranoid. Too many television shows about crime I think.

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