Life Photos: Animal Friends More Me

me taking selfies
Well there are more pictures of me. The first one is one that I think turned out pretty well from the Habitat For Humanity Soup Bowl . One of the few times my hair actually looks nice in little curls. Unfortunately the other photos from that day turned out weird. My face looked nothing like it normally does.  Below that is a very weird photo of me, mostly because I have my face turned in an odd direction. Plus my eyes look rather big so that makes it even worse. 

Cricket is in the next three photos. One with me, because for awhile I had a big thing with taking selfies with cats. I think I'm over it now. Then there is a photo of here being bad trying to drink out of my glass. The best part is that the water was too far down for her to drink. Then there she is with Checkers both are sitting together nicely. 

Last is a photo that I didn't take and I didn't mean for it to actually be on here, but it's of alpacas at a farm my mother went to (she's the one who took the photo). They are quite cute so I didn't have a problem with it staying. 

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