Life Photos: African Grey , Flora

elizabeth ann and i
Starting out with a picture of my african grey Elizabeth that she looks quite good in. I'm actually impressed by it, and my photo taking skills but then you get to the photo of me not looking so hot and forget all about how good my sister looks. In all fairness though I'm purposely trying to make a mean face or one of those "what are you doing" sort of things. Then there is knitting, I'm not a big fan of that which might have been done at a library class like the oil painting for beginners 

Next on the list is a photo of the winter woods, I think on my parents property but it could also be my grandparents. If you look far off there is a little brown dot that blends in with the trees, and it's a deer.   Above that is spring flowers bright and yellow coming up from the grass that died in the winter. I like the contrast between the two. Last is a photo of an orchid that was in my house. It looks like it's fake it's so pretty. Surprisingly it was very cheap too I think $2 from Aldi. 

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