In a Flower Garden, Without a Photographer for Me

light purple and dark purple petals on same flower
 Today, as you might have noticed if you ventured over to my google plus page, I did a lot of backdated blog posts. If you don't have the time to look at them, don't worry they're just a photo dump of about 100 pictures from my phone that I really wanted to get rid of and of course a few words to explain them. The only other thing that I've done today is go my grandmother's where I took a whole bunch of pictures of both pretty flowers and my face. If you were hoping to only see photos of flowers, too bad because I mixed them all together that way you wouldn't be able to scroll to a certain section to miss all the ones of me. I only wish that I had someone to take photos of me in the garden so these wouldn't all be selfies. 

blogger marie lei

roses in pink yellow and orange

summer flowers

purple gathered flowers

Hanna Marie Lei

blond hair

Daisy with whit stuff on it

flowers on a bush

tiny leaved plant

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