Going to Chicago's and then locked out

hanna marie lei
 So today I did go to class, just physics but like when I "babysat" on Saturday, afterwards I went to I guess hang out with that girl. I wasn't going to know when it was that I was supposed to go over there until the afternoon (because the details hadn't been worked out yet) but right as I was done with the lab, the girl's mother texted me asking when I was available and when I told her she said to come over at 5:15. I asked what the address was surprising her because I do know where the house is. I needed it though to type in my GPS to see how long it took to get to her house. Realizing I still had some time I walked out to the parking lot to drop off my things and then went back inside to print off a copy of something I needed and go to the bathroom.
green parking lot
 When I came back from my little trip in the school I noticed how green and spring like the parking lot looked so I took a picture of it. I decided that I was tired of waiting around, and even though my GPS said I'd be twenty minutes early I left always. Along the way I was looking for somewhere to stop a gas station or whatever to kill some time and get a drink but there wasn't really anywhere so I just drove kind of slow and ended up being ten minutes early which was just fine because the girl's mom was in a rush and wanted to leave.
car gps picture
 When I arrived we went to check out her room, I hadn't seen it in awhile and I have to say I wished I took a picture. Its absolutely perfect for a ten year old girl. Lots of pretty colors, books games dolls, and very clean. Clearly and only child's room which is my kind of place. She had piano to practice so we did that, and when she started playing I couldn't believe she kept the piano covered. Its an absolutely beautiful baby grand, and leaving all of the stuff on completely muffles the sound. Actually I'm not sure why its covered at all, I'd love to just have one as a decoration. When we were taking a break from practicing her mother ran back in, forgetting her phone and was looking for it, somehow we all missed it right in front of us. 
picture of covered baby grand piano
 For dinner we went to Chicago's pizza where we meet my mother to take over babysitting because unfortunately I have a final project due that my group wasn't doing so I had to do that. The girl wasn't happy at all about it. She was happy about the pizza though, which is very good, it was my mother's first time eating Chicago's pizza and she was very impressed. I'm not sure what is so different but for a plain cheese pizza it is very unique. When we were all going back to her house, we realized that we had locked ourselves out. This meant she was going home with me which made her very happy, about half way there though my mother called to say she had gotten a spare key so we turned around and took her back. 
pizza from chicago's
Apparently she wasn't all that thrilled having my mom watch her, which I was genuinely surprised about. I mean, I'm a very boring person, and my mother is quite the opposite of that. I heard she just wanted to go pout in her room but my mother made her watch some nature show that was on. I feel a little bad that I wasn't able to stay but since it was well past nine when my mother got back I'm glad I did. 

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