Food Photos: Texas RoadHouse cheese mashed potatoes

photos of Texas Roadhouse food
You might have seen my post about what my parents gave me for my birthday  and now  you can see what I ate for my birthday dinner. I wanted to go to taco bell but even though it was supposed to be my day I was outvoted. I ordered their smallest steak rare with mashed potatoes and a house salad.  We all got water. 

Although their bread isn't as good as Olive Garden bread sticks  they are still quite good, and I ate three while waiting for my salad to come. I know that I get tired of the salads at my house but I always get them at a restaurant. This one had egg and cheese and of course I had to have ranch on it. I just with it would have had tomatoes as well.

When the food came to our table, I was unimpressed by the cheese on my mashed potatoes. I thought it was going to be mixed in and melted not in a big glob on top of the bowl. I wish I had ordered plain mashed potatoes because those are fantastic. Of course I couldn't quite eat everything so I went home with a box that had my steak in it as well as three pieces of bread since the waitress brought us extra and that's what I had for lunch today. 

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