Food Photos: Taco Bell Tacos, Mini Cereal

mini hotel cereals
The first thing on the list is what I ate yesterday when I blogged about how hard my math class is. It was one of those after class meals, this time three tacos. Two soft ones and one hard one. My friend got a Mexican pizza and although it looked good, I think mine was better. 

On the right the top two photos are of miniature cereals that my dad brings home from the hotel he stays at that way I can have a snack for school. I still have one left after eating the mini wheats one as well as the lucky charms one. 

I really need to stop eating so much fast food but when my parents offered to go to burger king for dinner I of course wanted to go. I got a whopper and satisfries. The fries had too much salt but were still really good, but the whopper was too big to finish. 

A fast dinner that I had at my house was chef salad with egg chicken and spinach, of course lettuce as well. There were biscuits on the side. Last night's dinner was scrambled eggs and toast with butter, another fast one I think. 

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