Food Photos: Mini Cakes in a Box

food i eat
The first photo is of last week's dessert. My parents brought it home and I have no idea where it's from which might be a good thing since I did that fitness friday post and I want to keep up on it. Anyways there little strawberry cake things are absolutely amazing, they have a little more icing than I'd like but I can handle it for sure.

Below that is strawberries from my garden and homemade vanilla ice-cream . Since it was more like ice milk and the strawberries had just a little bit of sugar added to them I think it was pretty healthy!

On father's day my father got his favorite food. Hotdogs, and french fries. Trying to be a little healthier I had cucumbers with it and instead of ranch with my fries I used mustard. Next to that is a leftover of beans and rice that you'll see above.

I know it looks really ugly but this was lunch that I had a day when I didn't have to go to school. Just a peanut butter and honey sandwich on a roll. Above that is the photo I was talking about the first time I ate the kidney bean rice and tomato stew I guess with a salad. 

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