Food Photos: Going to Steak 'n Shake

steak and shake dinner
 I feel like I haven't eaten at Steak and Shake in forever. I think the last time was a year and a half ago. Since then I think a lot of things have changed, menu wise anyways. Speaking of menus when we sat down there were already menus at the table, and let me tell it was like a whole book's worth of food items, a little overwhelming I think. Our waitress seemed quite nervous and had a little help so I think she was new. I ordered lemonade, it was just the minute made kind nothing fantastic but still good, and managed to spill it which is why my napkin was all wet. The food was pretty fast and when it came out, my taco salad looked fantastic. 
$4 meal on menu
There's the beef, I know I know I'm trying to be vegan with my recipes like broccoli and cheese vegan soup  but sometimes it's really hard to do. The cheese was good too, and I liked the red chips in it, and the tomatoes and lettuce were both fresh.  Because the meal wasn't all that filling, it was one of the $4 ones, I wanted a dessert afterwards, one of their ice-cream sandwiches, but of course they didn't have any so that was the end of my meal. 

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