Food Photos: Chill Double Lemon Ice

The first photo that you see, well maybe not the first but the biggest anyways, is the chill smooth fruit ice cream sort of thing that I bought on memorial day during the picnic . It was good, but kind of big so I ate half of it at the picnic and then put it in the cooler and then in the freezer at my house so I could have the rest of it later. It still make me think of the Perlier Ice Body Water

On the bottom left is my McDonalds that I had when I babysat that girl. She had won two coupons for free kids meal sort of things, but I wasn't really feeling it so I had a large drink a mix of two things of course and large french fries. The although the people there were nice, the food wasn't that great. 

One of my dinners from the week, a very good one was green beans from my grandparents garden and mac and cheese with tomatoes in it. Normally I also like broccoli in it but there wasn't any. 

Next is the s'mores I had the same time I had my large fries and large drink.  I of course didn't get to make them myself so the marshmallows weren't really cooked like I wanted. 

Above that is the dinner that I had when I came home around midnight. It's lamb and a pita bread with cucumber sauce on top and tomatoes inside. It was really good, and I wouldn't mind having it again. 

One of my after school lunches Arby's beef and cheddar sandwich along with fries and a drink. I had a coupon for a meal so it'd be $3.99 but I wasn't all that interested in having a combo so I wasn't going to use it until I saw the sandwich alone was $3.50 so an extra fifty cents for fries and a drink wasn't a big deal.

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