Food Photos: Chick-Fil-A Wrap, Fruit Loops, KFC, Home Cooked

kfc bowl eating in
First is a Chick-Fil-A wrap that I had for lunch after class one day. Last time we went there I had a chicken sandwich and fries and even though the fries were good, the sandwich wasn't my favorite. So I wasn't that happy about going again, but I ended up ordering a chicken salad wrap (or at least that's what I think it's called), and even without any dressing since I'm on a diet it was great. Although it was a little expensive for fast food. 

Below that is a dinner of spinach, a chicken and broccoli kiev cucumbers and french fries. The kiev was okay, but I hated all the breading on it, it was hard and I just kind of picked it off. The fries were good and the spinach would have been had I thought to drain out some of the liquid. 

Normally I don't like these kind of pillow pastas but since these were hollow it wasn't too much starch and the tomato sauce on top was good. The peas were too. 

This wasn't a dinner I particularly liked potatoes and cheese with ham. Had it have been made from scratch instead of a packing I would have liked it a lot better. The ham had a weird texture and the cheese was just odd. My salad was good though.

I've talked about before how I like eating mini cereals when I'm at school. Before I had a test in my made up math class I had this one, and I have to say the fruit loops is my overall favorite, probably the least healthy too. 

Last is a KFC bowl that I had, it had corn and mashed potatoes as well as chicken. To me the chicken was just fine and I would have preferred a biscuit instead, but the mashed potatoes and corn were great. 

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