Food Photos: All at Home Mexico Night Best

that's my food
The big photo is my favorite. It is what we call at my house Mexico night. Rice beans and chess with with taco sauce on it as well as sour cream, and chips to eat it with. Of course the other two pieces of the meal didn't exactly go with it. Pineapples and spinach but they were healthy. 

A meal that i had at home for dinner. The main thing isn't that interesting but the pita bread is from Trader Joe's and that means that maybe it's healthy. Actually I think it's GMO free and that's a good thing. 

Next is dinner that my mother and I had while my father was out of town. It was a one of those pot pies, I'm actually very fond of them and a salad. For lunch the next day I had a tv dinner of pasta stuff. 

Last is pizza. The first was one of those Aldi ones and it was good. The other one was this gluten free thing that ended up being really bad. It was soggy and doughy but it must have been cooked enough because the cheese was burnt. 

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