First Math Test Done, Dr Phil at 4

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To start with, I'm just going to apologize for the very crappy photos that I took today. I didn't do it on purpose but it seems like I've gotten back into that old habit of forgetting to take pictures when I should, so I only ended up with some very bad ones. To start with I went to school (very early) and did my homework for the day, since it wasn't that much, I started on the homework that'll be due Tuesday, normally it'd be Monday but since it is a holiday, we don't have class. I didn't get all that far on it though, even though I have all the answers and how to work them out, I guess I was too distracted. 

Going into class the professor already had already had the tests graded that we took yesterday (remember I told you how hard I've been studying) and she had them all in folders based on our last name. I saw the girl in front of me crying when she got her's so I was a little worried, and when I saw that I had a 35 on mine I wasn't all that happy either, but the test was actually out of 40, so I didn't do bad at all. 

After class, my ride and I went to Rally's and since there was a huge line in the right drive through we went in the left one which literally had no one in it. That meant though I had to pay, and grab the food, something that is kind of awkward to do as a passenger. They took forever with our food, but it was good so I guess it doesn't matter that much. 

When I came home I decided to watch a little Dr. Phil, and brush out my cat. Of course since I happen to be mildly allergic to my used cat my skin got all red which you can kind of see in the picture. Of course the only way to stop the irritation is to rinse off in the shower, and afterwards I took a short nap. 

Later that night I went with my dad, and his friend on a very long walk around the neighborhood with checkers. For the majority of the walk she did just fine, but towards the end, she got out of my hand twice with the leash. Once to try and play with a cat, and another time to chase a rabbit.  

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