Final Grades, and A Summer Math Class

Hanna Marie Lei
So, my grades are all in now from the spring semester and are on my transcript. I had a few hard times, like when I did terribly on a physics test and having to do two c++ group programs all alone (except some help from my father) and of course a battle with my calculus two class all the way through. I ended up passing everything though which means not a D- or higher but rather a C- because that's the cut off for classes counting toward a degree in my major, although I think most have that same rule.  To tell the truth I was actually very worried about what I'd end up with in Calculus because the final was terrible. Not only was it hard but also way too long.  When he said time up at the end of the test, there isn't a clock in the room, the whole class was still sitting there and nobody had actually finished their test. In the end half the class didn't get the C- requirement to move on to the next class. If I had "failed" either my physics or math class, I wouldn't be able to take 4/5 of the classes that I'm supposed to, to stay on track that is. 

Unfortunately even though I just started my break (monday) from school, tomorrow afternoon I'm headed back to take another summer math class, I'm hoping this one won't be as bad as the two I took last summer. I am nervous though because its at a different school than I normally go to and I have to drive there. I'm nervous not only of getting lost, since its not somewhere I'm familiar with and its a long drive but also because its very heavy traffic. I can barely drive on a road when no one is around. I'm always worried about my car too, although it doesn't have any problems that I know of. 

A year ago I would have been nervous about going to the class itself. Nervous if I'd have someone to sit by, or if I'd be all alone, but I don't care at all now, although I do know one person who's taking the class. I'm only worried if I'll be able to find a parking spot somewhere close or if I'll have to figure out where the garage is and how to use my parking pass with it. That and if I'll be able to get a seat in the class since there are a whole lot of people in it. So tomorrow is going to be a little stressful.

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