Farmer's Market, Chest Working, Chicken Selfies

Hanna Marie Lei
 This morning I had to get up about eight to go to a farmers market a few hours away from my house with my family. I ended up with a burned and painted ornament, as well as a pie and bread baked from an Amish group. Since it is the beginning of the season there isn't many fruits and vegetables yet so it was mostly just arts and crafts.
creek chickens and woods
 Then I went to my grandparents. I look the picture of the water because its high right now, below that are gold finches that were at the feeder. I don't think the picture is that great but if you look closely you can see that there are two males and a female. Next are the chickens in the back part of their yard after I gave them table scraps.
making a wood chest
 Then of course are pictures from the day of work that I did on my wooden chest. I spent the majority of my day doing this but in the breaks waiting for the gloss to dry I went and help plant in the garden. Actually I was more of the laborer who had to bring all of the heavier things out that my mother and grandmother. Before we left I went back to see the chickens and convinced my father to pick one of them up so that I could take selfies with it. I was surprised that she was so okay with being picked up, and her feathers were very soft.
pictures with a chicken

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