Face Photos: One Pretty, One Okay, Rest Bad

its a selfie
I had six selfies sitting on my phone, which meant that it was time for me to upload them to here for your view pleasures. The first one I took at school one day when I was feeling like I looked particularly bad, but somehow it seems like it's the only one that turned out with my face looking good. Below that on the same day is my original reaction to going to visit my friend's sister.  Like I mentioned in that post it wasn't actually that bad and I'm sure it was a good learning experience for me. 

Next is a photo of a big pimple I had on my face and decided to pop because I'm stupid. Then there are two photos of me, one where I'm trying to look terrible and then the next where I'm trying to look nice but it turned out just okay when we were shopping at menards. At least my blue and white shirt is cute. 

The last photo is just some random thing that was on my phone. I can't quite explain why I took it or why only half my face is showing but it's there. 

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