Face Photos: Holding a Sign Looking Good

it's all I am not
The first photo is one of  those ad things that I did, but I was surprised at how great I looked. I mean that's a no makeup sitting at home all day haven't brushed my hair kind of thing. I guess I've gotten better at camera angles. 

Then the next one is terrible. I think it's jut the expression and the wet hair but I look like I'm about ready to die. Not very attractive. I love the next one though and I tend to look good in these kind of laying down selfies, although I feel like a lot of other people do too. Then there is one that probably wouldn't be bad if the lighting wasn't that I took after going to Steak 'n Shake

Above that is another one that could be good if I had taken it at a different angle, I mean my neck is kind of jutting out awkwardly.  Last is a photo that is from when I was lightbulb shopping at Menards  I look completely crazy in it, and even though that wasn't the point originally, I find it hilarious. 

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